Kind Karma

Awaken with Meditation Class With Dr. Dean Telano

"Awaken with Meditation is an inner journey that begins with the first mindful breath." - Dr. Dean Telano


Class Focus is on Alternative Approaches for Rejuvenating the Body, Clearing the Mind & Releasing Stress.

Kind Karma Meditation Class.
Awaken with Meditation Includes:
  • Gentle - and fun - energy movements.

  • Breathing exercises that balance the emotions, relax the body, and calm and clear the mind.

  • Specific sounds that help bring balance to our emotions and thoughts.

  • The use self-healing energy points on your body to reduce anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, grief, depression or lethargy.

  • Hand gestures or movements or mudras.

  • Guided visualization to relieve stress and improve mental wellness.

  • Life changing affirmations that help transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts. 

  • Silent meditation to promote inner peace, quiet and calm.

What is a Mantra?

Mantras are words, sounds or vibrations that stimulate the reflex points in the mouth to create healing in the body and brain, thus allowing for enhanced health of the nervous, endocrine (hormonal system), and energy system. Mantra recitation is optional.  

What is a Mudra?

Mudras are powerful hand gestures that have been used and taught for for thousands of years as a means of healing. Mudras work by stimulating reflex points and meridians in the body, which act as a doorway for circulation, healing and regeneration of the corresponding body part or area.

Energy-Based Movements are Practiced to Produce Powerful Results

“Energy Movements” in this class includes a wide range of techniques that consists of body movement, energy breathing exercises, hand yoga positions (*mudras), sound (*mantras), positive affirmations or visualization. Energy-Movement Meditation combined with focused attention will help restore the flow of vital energy throughout the body. 

During this class, “energy-movement meditation” is done before “silent, sitting meditation” to help calm and clear the mind, balance the emotions, steady the breath and to relax the body. Silently sitting at this time will allow the body, breath and mind to fully integrate the positive effects of the movement meditation. Our meditation movements are not difficult to do and can be easily modified for the student.

Additional Benefits of Energy Movement Meditation

  • Promotes relaxation, peace, and calm.

  • Reduces stress, nervousness, anxiety, and depression.

  • Improves mental clarity, focus, and concentration.

  • Creates emotional stability and a sense of well being.

  • Brings balance to the immune, glandular, lymphatic, digestive, and nervous systems.

  • Eliminates energy blockages and prevents energy stagnation.

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Refund Policy For This Class: This fee is non-refundable. If this class is cancelled or you are unable to attend after making payment, you may use this towards one of next monthly Awaken with Meditation (Within 3 months). No substitutions of this class are granted or offered.


While many people enjoy the health advantages that Movement Meditation, Walking Meditation or Qigong offer, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is not intended to substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your primary health care provider. We encourage you to discuss any decisions about treatment or care with your health care provider. Be sure to consult your physician before starting this or any other exercise program.

Positive Benefits

PHYSICAL - Healing the Body

It is said that often the root of an illness is in the mind and consciousness. So, by attending to the mind, clearing it of any disturbances, the recovery speeds up. By practicing meditation, the stresses, worries, anxieties drop off and gives rise to a positive state of mind, which has a positive impact on the physical body, brain, hormonal system and nervous system, then illnesses change. Health and illness are a part of physical nature. You should not worry too much about it. When you worry about illness, you are giving more power to the illness. You are a combination of health and illness. When you keep that in mind and have a positive state of mind, then illnesses change. It’s difficult to live a positive life, thinking negative thoughts or repeating negative patterns.

MIND & EMOTIONS - Mental & Emotional Balance

Meditation prevents stresses from entering the body system and also releases accumulated stress. Health, happiness and a positive state of Being wells up. The practice of meditation brings a coolness to the brain, it’s like servicing the whole body-mind complex. This class will teach you how to mentally floss your mind from ingesting toxic thoughts or accumulating harmful mental debris. A time may come in the future, when people will be fined for being depressed, because they are creating emotional pollution! The words that you hear from people around you, affect your state of mind. They either give you peace and joy, or create disturbance (such as jealously, anger, frustration or sadness). You’re affected because the mind is not in its Self; it is not centered. This class will help you strengthen your positive emotional muscles and teach you how to atrophy the uncontrolled or unwanted negative emotions.

SPIRITUALLY - Personal Empowerment

This class promotes self-empowerment and spiritual transformation. As you learn more about life, the mystery of the whole Creation unfolds. Then the questions that arise in the mind are – What is the meaning of Life? What is its purpose? What is this world, what is love, what is knowledge. Once these questions arise in you, know that you are very fortunate. These questions need to be understood; you cannot find the answers in books. You have to live through them and witness the transformation. That is perfect health; you are transformed from within. And the bud becomes a totally blossomed flower.

GLOBALLY - Heal Yourself, Heal the World

After this class, you will feel calmer, lighter, centered, and clearer. A sense of joy in the moment prevails, and you’re able to smile from your heart. When you positively change, the world positively changes with you.