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Kind Karma® Yin Yoga Training

Module 1: "Self-Discovery"

"The beauty of Kind Karma® Yoga is that its openness comes from the heart; therefore, it's for everyone - no one is excluded." - Dean Telano

Namaste. We have been professionally offering yoga and meditation teacher certification since 2001, for 20 years. We believe learning to teach yoga can be educational, inspirational and joyful.​ It's also our belief that yoga should be taught in a professional and encouraging environment that offers the necessary skillset, confidence and inspiration to teach and share yoga. 

Graduates from Kind Karma® Yoga, are currently teaching all over the world, including such places as Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa, Japan, Canada, California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, New York and Long Island.

Kind Karma® Yoga is a Heart Centered and Midline Integrated Yoga. This style of yoga incorporates heart-based practices, powerful core techniques and Rahini Yoga® Karma Healing Kriyas that promote self-care, self healing and personal empowerment.

Our Kind Karma® Yoga School Motto: "Motivate, Empower, Inspire" (Měi: Beauty).

With Peace, Grace & Loving-Kindness,

Dean (Sukh Shabad), Ph.D., E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT, YACEP, KKRGM-24

Founder of Kind Karma®

Spiritual Advisor of Kind Karma® Yoga & Awaken with Meditation

Heidi (Ananda) KKRYT-2,000, E-RYT 500, KKRGM-20

Director of Asana Training for Kind Karma® Yoga

Naomi (Lakshmi), LCSW, KKRGM-20

Director of Administrations, Communications & Outreach

Lauren (Chandreyee), KKRYT-1,100, RYT 500, KKRGM-20

Assistant Director of Communications & Outreach

Woman Practicing Kind Karma Yoga.
Rahini Yoga
Rahini Yoga
Rahini Yoga
Rahini Yoga
Rahini Yoga

Kind Karma® Yin Yoga Training

Module 1 Offers:

"Yin Yoga poses  - 'shapes' - offers us the present moment to reveal the hidden experiences that 'shaped' us into what we are today. Through this process of self-discovery, Yin Yoga also provides us with the opportunity to 'shape' us into what we want to become, tomorrow." - Dean Telano
Kind Karma Yoga

Kind Karma® Yin Yoga Training

Yin Yoga Training Courses for those yoga teachers who want to learn, practice or teach yin yoga poses. 

Kind Karma Yoga

Kind Karma® Awaken with Meditation

Breath-focused meditation techniques. Includes basic mantra meditation. The art of mindfulness. 

Kind Karma Yoga Training

Gong & Sound Training (GST) 

Sound Basics: Introduction. Explores using sound for the yin environment and  self-healing.

"Yin Yoga uses gentle long held 'shapes' (postures) with a compassionate attitude of self-acceptance to awaken the Yin parts of our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Yin Yoga gently releases and lengthens connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, spine and shoulders that may otherwise become stiff and less mobile because of aging, old injuries or chronic overuse. The seated, supine or prone shapes are designed to increase joint mobility, flexibility and promote the flow of energy through the energy channels of our deep Yin core." 

Program Overview

Our Yin Yoga Teacher Training is Open to:

  • Kind Karma Yoga® Graduates at or above the 200-Hour Training Level.

  • Yoga Teachers from all Traditions (copy of teacher certificate required).

  • Yoga Teachers who have a Desire to Deepen their Knowledge and Understanding about the Energy Meridian Theory based on Traditional Chines Medicine (TCM).

    • Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion in Yin Yoga.  

    • The Hours can be Applied Towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education

Kind Karma Yoga Chakra Anatomy
Dean Telano
Kind Karma Yin Yoga

Program Description

"It's Not Difficult to Embrace your Yin Path Because Yin is Already In!"

"Yin Yoga Module 1" is intended to provide students with a solid foundation in the development of sustainable Yin Yoga practice and the basic skills needed to teach Yin Yoga classes confidently and safely. This program offers a Yin Yoga foundation that is forged with direct experience and training, and a dedicated Yin Yoga practice.

  • Students are encouraged to take Yin Yoga classes at Kind Karma® Yoga Holistic Center.

 The Program Includes

  • Principles of Yin/Yang/Tao and how those concepts are embedded in the yin yoga practice.

  • Tension and compression, two of Yoga’s primary stressors.

  • Basic Yin Yoga related anatomy and physiology - "yin tissues": fascia, bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.

  • Benefits of Yin Yoga. Contraindications and modifications for the Yin postures. 

  • Meridians (energy channels) and their relationship with the organs and emotions.

  • Yin Yoga breathing practices, pranayama. Meditation.

  • Koshas and how the practice of Yin Yoga affects each level of being. Emphasis on the physical and pranayama Koshas.

  • Exploring and experiencing the foundational poses or shapes of Yin Yoga. This includes partnering or working in small groups. ​​

Contact Person

  • Naomi (Lakshmi), LCSW, KKRGM - Director of Administrations, Communications & Outreach

Yin Yoga Weekend Training Schedule

  • Dates & Cost: Contact Naomi.