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woman practicing kind karma yoga
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Welcome to Kind Karma® Yoga, Yoga of Spiritual Alignment.

Do you have a calling to practice or teach spiritually-based yoga?  Or, do you have a longing to learn a holistic approach to yoga that offers a comprehensive method of practice that goes beyond the physical postures?

𑁍 A holistic style of yoga that not only concerns itself with the physical and philosophical aspects of the practice, but also teaches how to use these aspects to delve deeper into your spiritual self.

𑁍 A style of yoga that incorporates heart-based practices that are designed to open up the heart chakra, promoting emotional balance, mental harmony and high vibration. Heart-based practices that are not just about physical postures, but also about cultivating a state of mind and a way of being that is aligned with the energy of the heart.

𑁍 An inclusive yoga practice that uses methods based in Chinese, Tibetan, and Shamanism, not just traditional yoga techniques, to clear, align, and strengthen the subtle energy body, especially for humanity’s awakening, spiritual ascension, and higher vibration. 

𑁍 A practice that recognizes sound healing and crystal therapy are integral parts for a holistic approach to yoga, because both of these therapies can be powerful tools for promoting wellness and enhancing the benefits of the yoga practice.

If you answered yes to the above,
then Kind Karma® Yoga is a destined path for you. 

If your goal is to teach yoga, you can rest assured that Kind Karma® Yoga will professionally prepare you as our yoga school has been registered with Yoga Alliance since 2001, has four registered yoga schools, and has taught students from all over the world.  Furthermore, our yoga training curriculum has been time-tested, as we have certified students in yoga and meditation for over 22 years!  If your desire is not to teach, but to deepen your own personal yoga practice then this training would greatly interest you because, unlike many other current yoga programs, Kind Karma® Yoga has bona fide ties with authentic lineages going back hundreds of years, supporting the effectiveness of many of its methods. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you, and spending some time sharing and practicing Kind Karma® Yoga, Yoga of Spiritual Alignment & Ascension.

Inspired by the Soft Heart Qualities of Compassion, Kindness & Peacefulness,

❤️ Kind Karma® Yoga Community

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Kind Karma® Yin Yoga Training: 
"Replenish, Nourish & Expand your 3 Treasures."

With Dr. Dean Telano and the Kind Karma Yinsters 
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Course Description

woman practicing kind karma yin yoga

Kind Karma® Yin Yoga uses gentle long held postures – "shapes," with a compassionate, open-minded attitude of self-acceptance to awaken and free the yin parts of our physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual selves.  Yin Yoga practice is perfect for anyone who wants to bring more freedom, flexibility, mobility or energy to their hips, pelvis, hamstrings, spine and shoulders.  Often, these areas of the body become stiff and less mobile because of aging, old injuries or chronic overuse.

This course, "Kind Karma® Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Replenish, Nourish and Expand your Three Treasures", is intended to provide students with a deeper understanding of a yin yoga practice through Jing, Qi and Shen – the essences of who we are, in Traditional Chinese medicine.  The study will be forged with direct yin yoga experience, training and practice.

This course combines yin yoga with meditation, breathing exercises, and the introduction to healing applications of sound therapy. Our yin yoga class sequences tailor the practice to target certain emotions, meridian, and the three treasures.

"Each practice of yin yoga offers you a unique window of opportunity to notice and listen to the messages of your emotions, feelings, body sensations, reactions and inner voice.  In such a beautiful and skillful way, yin yoga offers you the time, silence, stillness and space to listen to embrace and, ultimately, cherish your authentic self." – Dean Telano

Course Outline

Kind Karma® Yin Yoga Training:

"Replenish, Nourish & Expand your 3 Treasures

(With Certificate of Completion)

Yin Yoga Focus Areas of Study

  • Three Treasures. Five Elemental Energies. Dantians.

Understanding Yin Yoga

  • Unique lecture with demonstrations.

  • 11 Precepts of Kind Karma Yoga.

  • Yin & Yang. How Yin & Yang Relates to Our Body.

  • Dao. The Five Daoist Elements & its Relationship to Yin Yoga

  • Meridian Study and their Relationship with the Organs & Emotions.

  • Anatomy Basics.

  • Connective Tissue & Fascia

Art of Teaching Yin Yoga

  • Tattvas & Essences for Effective Yin Yoga Practice & Teaching. 

  • Tension and Compression: Two of Yin Yoga’s Primary Stressors.

  • Teaching Methodology: Yin Yoga Teaching Essentials. Practicing with a Yin Perspective. Art of Sequencing.

Yin Yoga Practice

  • Additional Kind Karma Yin Yoga Breathing & Meditation Techniques. 

  • Additional Kind Karma Yin Yoga Unique Class Openers. 

  • Yn Yoga Practice so that the Principles of Yin Yoga can be Experienced, Realized & Felt.

  • Yin Yoga Poses for Lower & Upper Body Meridians.

  • Props Usage. Modification & Variations. Contraindications. Benefits.

  • "Replenishing, Nourishing, and Expanding your Three Treasures Sequence".  

  • "Five Elements Sequences".​​​

  • Sound Therapy: Introduction to Crystal Singing Bowls. 

Additional Course Details

We are a Yoga Alliance Approved

Continuing Education Provider

Kind Karma Yoga
  • We have 4 Yoga Alliance Registered School designations.

  • We are a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP), thus the hours completed can be applied towards Continuing Education.

  • This training is an opportunity for yoga teachers to deepen their knowledge and understanding about the meridian theory based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

  • Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion in Kind Karma® Yin Yoga.  

Hours. Schedule. Cost. Registration.

Hours for Kind Karma Yin Yoga Training: "3 Treasures"

  • 18 hours: 16 contact hours & 2 non-contact hours.

Dates & Times for Next Training: 2023​

  • TBA.


  • Course Cost: $290 (includes certificate).

  • Manual Cost: $20.

Kind Karma® Yin Yoga Course Training Manual

By Dean Telano, Founder of Kind Karma Yoga
Kind Karma Yin Yoga  Manual Actual Cover - 1f (1410 × 1900 px).png
"Kind Karma® Yin Yoga Essentials: Listening to Your Authentic Self'" contains over 170 photos and 50 easy to follow images, tables and illustrations, many of which are related to the meridians, the Five Elements, and Yin & Yang.
Each yin asana includes variations; modifications; counter poses; benefits; contraindications; and related meridians and chakras.  Additionally, standing and floor-based qigong movements and breathwork are included to cultivate and deepen the connection with yin energy.

Our Yoga Alliance Registered Schools

Kind Karma Yoga Teacher Training
300 Hour Kind Karma Yoga Teacher Training
Kind Karma Kids Yoga Training
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Kind Karma Yoga Prenatal Training
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