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Welcome to Kind Karma® Yoga – Yoga of Spiritual Alignment.

Are you drawn to teaching or practicing spiritually-centered yoga? Alternatively, are you interested in exploring a holistic yoga approach that provides a complete practice beyond just physical poses?

If your answer is yes, then Kind Karma® Yoga is your destined path.

What Kind Karma® Yoga is About

𑁍 A holistic style of yoga that not only concerns itself with the physical and philosophical aspects of the practice, but also teaches how to use these aspects to delve deeper into your spiritual self.

𑁍 A style of yoga that incorporates heart-based practices that are designed to open up the heart chakra, promoting emotional balance, mental harmony and high vibration. Heart-based practices that are intended to cultivate a state of mind and a way of being that is aligned with the energy of our heart.

𑁍 An inclusive yoga practice that incorporates Rahini Yoga® Healing Kriyas, in addition to traditional yoga techniques, to clear, align, and strengthen the subtle energy body, especially for humanity’s awakening and higher vibration. 

𑁍 A practice that recognizes sound therapy and Sound Current are integral parts for a holistic approach to yoga, because both of these are powerful tools for promoting wellness and enhancing the benefits of a yoga practice.

If your goal is to teach yoga, you can rest assured that Kind Karma® Yoga will professionally prepare you as our yoga school has been registered with Yoga Alliance since 2001, has four registered yoga schools, and has taught students from all over the world. Furthermore, our yoga training curriculum has been time-tested, as we have certified students in yoga and meditation for over 22 years! If your desire is not to teach, but to deepen your own personal yoga practice then this training would greatly interest you because, unlike many other current yoga programs, Kind Karma® Yoga has bona fide ties with authentic lineages going back hundreds of years, supporting the effectiveness of many of its methods. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you, and spending some time sharing and practicing Kind Karma® Yoga!

Always in Shanti,

❤️Kind Karma® Yoga Team


"Kind Karma® Yoga is about how far we can stretch our heart; not how far we can bend over to touch our toes." - Dean Telano, Founder of Kind Karma Yoga


Our Yoga Alliance Registered Schools

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 Kind Karma® Yoga
200 Hour Teacher Training

Program Overview

Kind Karma® Yoga aims to deepen one's understanding of yoga as a science, a holistic lifestyle, and a pathway for spiritual enhancement.  It caters to those who wish to pursue a career in teaching yoga, as well as those who exclusively wish to enrich their personal yoga practice.

  • The program offers a chance for holistic immersion into yoga and its integration into daily life beyond the mat.

  • Our faculty consists of compassionate and like-minded individuals, ensuring a supportive, encouraging, and compassionate environment.

  • Participants are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to start a career in teaching yoga.

  • Once you graduate from our program you are able to become a Registered Yoga Teacher – RYT 200, with Yoga Alliance. This is the first step towards teaching yoga, privately, publicly or online.

Our Yoga Alliance Registered yoga teacher training program has been shaped and refined for 22 years.

  • We have been registered with Yoga Alliance since 2001.

  • We have four registered schools: RYS 200, RYS 300, RCYS & RPYS.

  • Graduates from Kind Karma® Yoga, are currently teaching all over the world, including such places as Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa, Japan, Canada, California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Mississippi, North Carolina, Norway, South Carolina, Ohio, New York and Long Island.

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Program Description

Prerequisites: Students should have in-person or online experience with Kind Karma Yoga® prior to taking any of our training programs.  

✅ For those who are new to yoga or unaccustomed to being in a teaching training environment, the Kind Karma® Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training is beginner friendly.  ​

✅ The program is intended to provide students with a solid foundation for a sustainable yoga practice.  It provides the basic skills and confidence to teach yoga safely and successfully.

✅ The Kind Karma® Yoga Teacher Training Program is approved by Yoga Alliance. Students who complete this training are qualified to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 200-hour level (RYT 200).

✅ Students who graduate from this program will be prepared to teach Kind Karma® Yoga, which includes Hatha Yoga asanas and vinyasas. Additionally, students will have a comprehensive understanding of pranayama, mudras, yoga anatomy, hands-on assists, subtle energy body anatomy, yogic philosophy and meditation techniques.

Program Details

  • Kind Karma® Yoga of Energy Flow & Alignment:

    • 4 levels of straightness. Rainbow body/rainbow light.

    • Tibetan energy cleansing breath.

    • Rahini Yoga® spine warm ups. Heart Magical Windhorse. High vibration Rahini Yoga® Kriyas

    • Kind Karma Yoga Flows (vinyasas).

    • Subtle energy body. Energy cultivation.

    • Creating a happy space for healing and awakening.

  • Sound Therapy.

    • How to incorporate sound into your yoga practice.​ Therapeutic applications.​​ Play and practice time. 

  • Traditional and Contemporary Hatha Yoga Postures. 

    • The integration of breath, movement and asana into a transformative practice. Somatic awareness. Midline vs. Core.

  • Principles of yoga practice and teaching, including proper alignment, foundational work, body awareness, micromovement and reflection, direction and action. 

    • Asana variations. Transitioning. Art of sequencing. Classroom setup. Class etiquette. 

    • Prop usage.

    • Drishti and bandhas from Hatha Yoga and Tibetan Yoga.

    • Ethics of Touching. Art of hands-on assists.

  • Yoga anatomy made simple. Anatomic planes. Term of position and direction. Human body systems.

  • Pranayama techniques. Breath awareness. Refining the flow of breath.

  • Shamanistic and Awakening Qigong breathing exercises for energy cleansing and cultivation.​

  • Awakening Meditation Techniques. Concentration and focus. Mindfulness. Mind-body connections.

  • Art of communication. Finding your inner voice. Creating safe and inspirational classes and lesson plans.

  • Kind Karma® Yoga Precepts. Spiritual study. Path of a yoga teacher. Business of yoga.

Kind Karma® Yoga Training Hour Log

🧾 Each student is required to keep a logbook of the amount of time and hours spent in the program.  Instruction is provided on the best way to organize, record and complete the logbook.

Journaling as a Transformational Tool 

Kind Karma® Yoga Approach: Students are encouraged to keep a journal during their Kind Karma® Yoga training. 

🖊 This journal is intended to promote self-discovery, mindfulness and self-reflection. 

🖊 Moreover, journaling will help you focus, increase self-awareness and inspire you to take action aligned with your yogic values, dreams and goals.

Texts & Reading Materials

📕 Required Reading: "Kind Karma® Kids Yoga: Awaken Your Inner Shaman," as this book is designed for adults as well. The book also contains Kind Karma® Yoga holistic approaches, crystal therapy

📚 Students are given the required, and suggested, reading lists upon registration. 

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Schedule for Kind Karma® Yoga Teacher Training – 2024-2025


  • Upon registration, you will receive our flexible schedule.​​​

  • For more information, Contact Us.

Additional Practices

  • Additional hours for "practices" to be announced during the training.                                                                                                        

Additional Requirements

  • 10 hours in studio KK yoga classes.

  • 10 hours online for Anatomy & Physiology.

  • 10 hours online for Yoga Humanities.


  • Price: $3,140.

  • Paid in full – 5% discount = $2,983.

  • Payment Plan:

    • Deposit $550 (counts towards tuition) non-refundable deposit.

    • Payment is $518.00 for 5 consecutive months. 


  • The Huntersville Arts & Cultural Center

109 Old Statesville Rd. 

Huntersville, NC 28078.

Contact Person for Registration

  • Naomi, Director of Registration and Admissions.

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Refund Policy

All monies paid are non-refundable, however, if you withdraw from the program due to a life altering situation, credit of the monies paid (not including the non-refundable deposit) can be used towards a future Kind Karma® Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training program within 2 years of the withdrawal.​​

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