Kind Karma® Yoga 800 Hour Training

Exceeds Yoga Alliance Standards By 300 Hours

Students in Kind Karma Yoga Class
Adults Meditating in Kind Karma Yoga Class

"The beauty of Kind Karma® Yoga is that its openness comes from the heart; therefore, it's for everyone - no one is excluded." - Dean Telano

Namaste. We have been professionally offering yoga and meditation teacher certification since 2001, for 20 years. We believe learning to teach yoga can be educational, inspirational and joyful.​ It's also our belief that yoga should be taught in a professional and encouraging environment that offers the necessary skillset, confidence and inspiration to teach and share yoga. 

Graduates from Kind Karma® Yoga, are currently teaching all over the world, including such places as Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa, Japan, Canada, California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, New York and Long Island.

Kind Karma® Yoga is a Heart Centered and Midline Integrated Yoga. This style of yoga incorporates heart-based practices, powerful core techniques and Rahini Yoga® Karma Healing Kriyas that promote self-care, self healing and personal empowerment.

Our Kind Karma® Yoga School Motto: "Motivate, Empower, Inspire" (Měi: Beauty).

With Peace, Grace & Loving-Kindness,

Dean (Sukh Shabad), Ph.D., E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT, YACEP, KKRGM-24

Founder of Kind Karma®

Spiritual Advisor of Kind Karma® Yoga & Awaken with Meditation

Heidi (Ananda) KKRYT-2,000, E-RYT 500, KKRGM-20

Director of Asana Training for Kind Karma® Yoga

Naomi (Lakshmi), LCSW, KKRGM-20

Director of Administrations, Communications & Outreach

Lauren (Chandreyee), KKRYT-1,100, RYT 500, KKRGM-20

Assistant Director of Communications & Outreach

Kind Karma Yoga Teacher Training Course.
Rahini Yoga
Rahini Yoga
Rahini Yoga
Rahini Yoga
Rahini Yoga

Kind Karma® Yoga Teacher Training

"A Necessary Holistic Yoga for Today's World"

"Knowledge Informs & Experience Transforms"

Kind Karma® Yoga 800 Hour Program Overview 

Our Kind Karma® Yoga 800-Hour Teacher Program exceeds Yoga Alliance highest standards by an additional 300 hours of study, training and practice. This program is for the dedicated Kind Karma® Yoga student and teacher who wish to deepen and advance their personal yoga practice, knowledge, skills and experience. Yoga graduates from the Kind Karma® Yoga 300 Hour Training Program only need an additional 300 hours to complete this training.  This program affords the student to work closely with Sukh Shabad, the Founder and Spiritual Head of Kind Karma Yoga® and Awaken with Meditation. Through limited enrollment, Sukh Shabad is able to guide the student and provide invaluable feedback throughout the program.

Kind Karma Yoga Teacher Training Workshop.

"Living Yoga From The Heart With A Karmic Flair"

Kind Karma® Yoga 800 Hour Program Description

The Kind Karma® Yoga 800 Hour Program shows the student how the Art of Practice can create an “Open-Hearted Space of Discovery” within. This program cultivates a deeper experience of Kind Karma® Yoga through the integration of attending the the trainings, additional workshops, specialized classes, and home practices. The importance of “practice” is explored. This program is also for students and teachers who are interested in a fuller  dimension of Kind Karma® Yoga.

800 Hour Yoga Training explores the following: Target Populations; Restorative Therapeutic Yoga; "Rahini" Healing Kriyas; Awaken with  Meditation; Pranayamas; and Introduction to Sound Healing. For in-depth study into these topics, additional training programs or specialized workshops will be available at an additional at an cost. 

Kind Karma Yoga Adult Class.
Kind Karma Yoga
Kind Karma Yoga 800 Hour Teacher Trainin
Kind Karma Yoga Adult Class.

 As an Approach, Kind Karma® Yoga Emphasizes

  • Applications of yoga asana with natural movement, meditation, breath exercises, sound, mantra and mudra.

  • Empowering the students: "Your Inner Space is your Power Space." - Dean Telano

  • Off-the-mat implications, skills and tools.

  • Mindfulness and self-awareness.

  • How to organize and initiate safe classes for professional groups and organizations.

  • How to refine and deepen your own personal practices of asanas, pranayama and meditation.


  • This program is open to students who have graduated from the Kind Karma® Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training Program. For the Kind Karma® Yoga student who has just completed the Kind Karma® Yoga 300-Hour Training, and is interested in enrolling into the 800-Hour Training, we strongly recommend you apply immediately. If there is a substantial “gap”, as deemed by the Directors, between the training programs, then the 300 hour graduate student is required to complete the following prerequisites before applying to the Kind Karma® Yoga 800 hour program:

    • ​Take additional Kind Karma Yoga® & Awaken with Meditation classes.

    • Assist at the 300 hour level to help meet a specific quota of training hours.

    • Attend current Kind Karma® Yoga speciality workshops and classes.

    • The prerequisites are intended to increase the comfort level of the applying student by bringing the student up-to-date with the Kind Karma® Yoga Programs and by acting as a review or refresher for previous or current Kind Karma® Yoga studies. Of course, the greater the “gap” the greater the prerequisite requirement. Each of the prerequisites are at an additional cost.


If all prerequisites have been met, then the student is eligible to apply and complete the application form. 

How To Apply & For More Information

  • Contact PersonNaomi (Lakshmi), LCSW, KKRGM-20, Director of Administrations, Communications & Outreach. 

Enrollment and Acceptance

Students must be good standing to progress to this level. Due to limited enrollment per year, all candidates interested in the 800 Hour Teacher Training Program must apply and wait upon acceptance. Acceptance is at the discretion of the Directors and how full the program is at that time. Students will receive notification via email.


  • 800 Hour Documentation

    • Each student is required to keep a logbook of the required 300 hours. The students is required to hand in the logbook before graduation and to receive certification. The logbook should also contain any assisting hours.

    • Instruction is provided on the best way to organize, record and complete the logbook. 

Kind Karma® Yoga® Practice Journal

  • During the entire length of the program, students are encouraged to keep a detailed journal of their personal “Rahini Yoga®” yoga practice. This journal is intended to: Serve as a source of inspiration; Help cultivate discipline for a consistent and continuous Kind Karma® Yoga practice; Promote mindfulness, self-reflection and self-discovery; and become part of your regular spiritual practice- Sadhana.

Textbooks & Materials

Students are given the course reading list upon registration and payment.


$3,900. Payments plans are available.