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 ~ Yoga Alliance Continuing Education  Provider ~

​We are a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider - YACEP, 

Issuing CEU's for Registered (RYT®s) Yoga Teachers.  

"Our Yoga School (RYS®) Provides Many Innovative Opportunities 

for the Professional Yoga Teacher to Obtain CEUs." 


Continuing Education Requirements

We are all students of yoga. Regardless of how accomplished you are as a teacher, success should inspire continued learning and growth. Each RYT must meet the following Continuing Education (CE) Requirements on an ongoing basis.

What are the Requirements for an RYT?

Every three years starting from your initial date of registration, each RYT and E-RYT must complete and log a minimum of:


  1. 45 hours teaching yoga, and

  2. 30 hours of yoga related training that is directly related to one of our Educational Categories, of which:

Teaching or training hours prior to registration do not count as Continuing Education.

If you earn more than the required hours in a three-year period, the extra hours may not rollover into the next three-year period.

Continuing Education hours should be spent learning something new, through research, study or experiential learning, rather than synthesizing or processing prior knowledge.

What fits in each Educational Category?

  • Techniques, Training, & Practice (TTP): How to do (practice) yoga Examples: practicing inversions, pranayama, meditation, asana; alignment principles (e.g. in sun salutations).

  • Teaching Methodology (TM): How to teach yoga effectively Examples: sequencing; verbal cueing; principles of adjusting and assisting; how to market your business.

  • Anatomy & Physiology (AP): The physical and energetic bodies Examples: skeletal and muscular systems; fascia; energetic bodies (chakras and nadis); how bodily systems work.

  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, & Ethics (YPLE): History, philosophy, ethics and lifestyle practices of yoga Examples: yoga lineages; student-teacher relationships; yamas and niyamas; classical yoga texts

For More Information about Our Programs, Contact

Naomi (Lakshmi), LCSW, KKRGM-20, Director of Administrations, Communications & Outreach

"Kind Karma® Yoga Begins from the Inside Out. It Helps Grow the Yoga That's Already Inside Each of Us." 

 - Dean Telano, Founder of Kind Karma® Yoga

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