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"The Rahini School of Yoga & Meditation and Sukh Shabad Singh has been my journey since 2007, changing my life and well being; physically, emotionally and spiritually, to a positive level I never thought possible. Sukh Shabad’s teachings, guidance and education is abundant, more than what most may receive.  All his students generously receive a tremendous amount of knowledge, along with great compassion and wisdom. My journey is filled with great openness and passion for my arts, allowing me to teach, heal, and guide others to a more positive, joyful and peaceful life.  This is the path Sukh Shabad has guided me on, and I am forever grateful to continue my studies with Sukh Shabad and the Rahini School of Yoga & Meditation. Truly a life changing experience."

- Heidi Johnsen, E-RYT 500, 1,400 Rahini Yoga Teacher, Yin Yoga & Kids Certified, Kind Karma® Reiki Grand Master Teacher

"The idea of becoming a yoga teacher has been with me for quite some time, however I never found a yoga studio or teacher that appealed to me enough to dedicate the amount of time necessary to realize that goal.  So it sat on the back burner for a very very long time and I continued to use the VHS tapes as my primary source of yoga practice.  True Living Yoga changed all that for me, specifically Dr. Dean Telano (Sukh Shabad Singh).  I started with the yoga classes on a Groupon special and loved the philosophy of Rahini Yoga, developed by Sukh Shabad.  Specifically the precepts and principles surrounding the students and their practice and the connection between the two.  Still the amount of time that would need to be dedicated to becoming a Rahini Yoga teacher was daunting so I just stayed with attending the yoga classes.  Then came medical QiQong taught by Sukh Shabad.  It was my first direct contact with him as a teacher and not "the man behind the yoga".  The class was so well thought out and taught that the benefits were both immediate and long lasting.  After attending several sessions of QiQong, it became evident that all sessions tied together and somehow were always what I needed at the time; whether it be a statement from Sukh Shabad or a sequence or movements.  It was uncanny!!  After the QiQong, which by the way I still attend, came the Reiki Trainings again taught by Sukh Shabad Singh.  These were amazing, transformative experiences, so well thought out and tailored to the group in attendance.  I have attended all levels of Reiki and many refreshers and Sukh Shabad makes each one different while adhering to the basic tenents of the practice.  Finally came the meditation training, again taught by Sukh Shabad.  The multi-day training offered so many different types of meditations and breathwork that it was hard not to find a practice that worked for everyone in attendance.  One that they could take home and make their own.  Sukh Shabad knows what his class needs and delivers each and every time.  By this time, there was nothing left to take at True Living Yoga but the 200 Yoga Teacher Training.  So I dove in with both feet and have not looked back.  After each workshop, the teachings with which we are presented connect with teachings from the other coursework (Reiki, Meditation, QiQong) in a way that it almost seems as if the yoga teacher training was the missing link to tie all of the other wonderful trainings together.  When taken in totality, the offerings of Sukh Shabad and True Living Yoga give one all the tools needed to truly transform their lives from the inside out and by extension transform the lives of those around them."

- Linda Costello, E-RYT 500, 1,100 Hour Rahini Yoga Teacher

"Heading As a 1100hr Rahini yoga student of Dr. Dean Telano, I am blessed to see all the wonderful, beautiful things he does for the world. Dr. Dean Telano brings us out of the darkness into divine light. He teaches us how to bring gratitude into every aspect of our lives, and how having gratitude will transform our perception and perspective. Dr. Dean Telano's  is patient, compassionate, full of wisdom and endless knowledge. He creates a safe, nurturing space for his students to learn and grow. He teaches us how to always be in action, and the way to navigate through our challenges in the present moment. After over 20 years of sexual abuse and trauma, I now live a life that is safe and surrounded by divine light. The trauma taught me to shut down, and Dr. Dean Telano taught me how to overcome that. No matter how traumatic my past was, meeting Sukh Shabad and becoming his student was the greatest blessing life has given me. Under Dr. Dean Telano's guidance our lives become more beautiful and truly feel like a gift. We learn how being alive is blessing, and that we have the choice in how we respond to what happens to us and what happens around us. Dr. Dean Telano teaches us how to be kind karma creators, and how this changes and raises the vibration of the whole world."

- Lauren Merlino, RYT 500, 1,100 Hour Rahini Yoga Teacher

"As a recent graduate of the 200 Hour Rahini Teacher Training Certification Program, I can whole-heartedly say I found a RARE GEM. I was searching for a Yoga teacher training program for several years..a flexible program. Since I walked into True Living Yoga Healing Center I have not been the same. Rahini School of Yoga and Meditation gave me tools to learn how to deepen my practice, teach with insight, and encourage self-discovery for myself and others. With heightened intuition, gentle guidance and compassion, Dr. Dean Telano shares his own unique and completely unparalleled experience. Dr. Telano invites me to learn more than I thought possible about Yoga and Meditation–I uncover my True Self. I will forever be grateful.. If you seek a comprehensive and authentic Yogic journey, you are in the right place!"

- Penni Niles, BS, CRYT, PFT, Yoga Teacher, Zumba Instructor

"I just want to thank you for the wonderful experience I had at True Living Yoga!  My Rahini Training to become certified as an instructor was truly the best! I received all of the spiritual and practical knowledge that I need to feel confident and professional as a yoga instructor. Dean is surrounded by his flock of angels (you can feel their presence in the room) and is the most spiritually connected person I have ever met!  When he walks past me and my eyes are closed I can feel his wings.  They must span at least ten feet long, I am not kidding! He is a Master Yogi who teaches with passion, compassion and knowledge for Rahini Yoga that goes beyond what is even necessary to train a great yoga teacher. Rahini Yoga is the yoga of Spiritual Alignment and Dean focuses his teachings on this concept to carry out true and rightful living.I had started the training a little late and everybody welcomed me with open arms.  Heidi, the senior teachers and the students were so engaging and willing to go the extra mile to help me catch up with them.  We became a family very quickly.  I highly recommend True Living Yoga for your certification.  It is one of the best choices I ever made and plan to continue my training there for the duration.  This is a bond that can’t be broken.  Namaste."

- Elena Galluzzo, Realtor, Yoga Teacher

"Dr Dean Telano takes us, his students, under his wings to an zing Rahini Yoga life time journey. Guiding and sharing with us his deep knowledge, compassion, and wisdom with a supreme professionalism, always thriving to extract the best in each of us. The 200 Hour Rahini Yoga Teacher Training program has transformed my life in wonderful ways and has given  me happiness to share with my loved ones. True Living Yoga is a unique place with much to offer for our body, mind, and soul – always surrounded by a compassionate and skillful staff. I am now very proud to be a Rahini Yoga Graduate and Teacher, and to continue this grand path was a 550 Hour Rahini Yoga Student. Thank you Dean, you are a true inspiration! In the Light Of Rahini."

- Aurora Bonchonsky, Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher, 800 Hour Rahini Yoga Student

"Thank you Dr. Telano. Thank you Rahini Yoga. Thank you for this yoga teacher training program. This experience was enlightening and life changing! All of the assistant teachers were so compassionate and helpful. Wow!"

- Valerie Yates, RN, Certified Holistic Nurse

"I discovered True Living Yoga and the Rahini Yoga Teacher Training Program about a year and a half ago. The yoga style taught here is called Rahini Yoga. Rahini is described as the yoga of “spiritual alignment”…which is exactly what it has brought into my life. I live over an hour away from East Northport and there are many studio’s here and there…I choose to attend yoga and meditation classes at True Living Yoga. Rahini Yoga is a retreat for my mind, body, and soul. I also bring my 4 children to Dr. Telano’s monthly meditation class where he not only guides the entire class with compassion into a place of inner peace, but always seem to add humor that enables my children to glean balance and harmony as well. Love and Light…"

- Meredeth Stieglitz, Physical Therapist, Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher

"Dr. Telano – This program was wonderful – thank you for all the time and dedication you put into developing the program. I love your vision for the future, and it’s very dear to my heart. This experience will be in my heart forever!"

- Lynn Filis, Office Manager

"WOW! AWESOME YOGA PROGRAM! Dr Dean is truly amazing, gifted, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor. Dr Dean inspired me more than I ever imagined. The Senior Teachers were caring, very knowledgeable, and answered all questions fully and beyond. I am leaving here with a great yoga warrior high. NAMASTE!"

- Christian Woelk, Model, Certified Rahini Yoga Teacher, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Spa Co-Owner

"I was first introduced to the studio when a friend saw the flyer for the grand opening and gave it to me. I was welcomed by such positive energy and warm people I new it was going to be the place for me to continue my yoga practice. After practicing in the studio for a year I decided to make the life changing commitment to take the 200 hr Rahini teacher training program. It was the best thing I ever did for my self and the others I have taught and my family. I have experienced many healing meditations all over long island and all I can say is wow you should experience one with Dr. Dean  your self. I have done 2 levels of reiki training with Dr.Dean again there are no words to express the healing he has to offer to everyone. You have to experience it your self.  I am currently enrolled in the level 2 healing meditation program. in the past 2 years my meditation practice has become so deep and relaxing i can feel the healing within. This studio goes above and beyond to spread universal prayer and well being to our community. The prayer sangha is another easy and powerful way to send prayer and dedications to those in need. I will be a forever student of the true living yoga family."

- Nicole Hedgecock, Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher

"I have been practicing yoga for 12 years, and Rahini Yoga and its Training Program connected with me the way no other style of yoga had before. Dr. Dean Telano had patiently answered questions, or pointed us in the right direction so we could find the answers for ourselves, listened, laughed, and challenged us. In the workshops we became warriors, archers, dragons, puppies, and divine beings. Our bodies and minds became one. Our focus laser sharp. There were so many magic moments that are impossible to get from a DVD or book. These special moments can only come from having someone who challenges you beyond your comfort zone and encourages you to push yourself. What this all boils down to is Dr. Telano and the Rahini Yoga Teacher Training program has taught me who I really am."

- Lauren Moloney, Certified & Registered Yoga Teacher, 550 Hour Yoga Student

"You are what you eat. Common sense decrees that when it comes to nourishing your body, you will get the best results if you use the best ingredients. So to will you get the best results if you seek out the best education when you wish to nourish your mind. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Dr. Dean Telano for the education he has provided me. It is far superior to any other available on both the physical and spiritual parts of healing, meditation, and yoga. Every day I witness my transformation. I will never be the same."

- Faith Jenkins, CRYT 550, RYT 200, Reiki Master, Meditation Certified

"Initially, I had only expected to gain knowledge in teaching yoga, however, I had learned so much more about yoga and especially myself.  Through learning how to share the yoga experience with others, I experienced so much through my own personal transformation.  Dr. Telano offers so much of his own wisdom and insight that is invaluable to my development as a Rahini Yoga Teacher, but as a ‘spirit in transformation’.  This experience is something that I cannot help but to carry with me every day."

- Jenn Danna, Yoga Teacher

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