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Kind Karma
  • By Dean Telano

Fairy Prayer. Kind Karma® Earth Gifting: Planet Kindness Karma Initiative.

Kind Karma® created the name 'Earth Gifting' to inspire others how to GIFT Love, Compassion and Gratitude to our planet, Earth. Kind Karma® Earth Gifting is our solution to a healthy Earth and an opportunity to raise environmental awareness. 'Earth Gifting' is pioneering a global shift of consciousness with shamanic friendly themed events, retreats and courses." - Dean Telano, Founder of Kind Karma®

Kind Karma

Kind Karma® Reiki - high vibration energy healing with the "Loving Kindness Symbols" - strengthens Human-Earth Interconnectivity and promotes healing our planet.

Planet Kindness Karma: Earth Gifting

Kind Karma

Our Kind Karma® Fairy Prayer of Gratitude

Dear Sweetest, Most Kind Faeries,

The 'children' of the mystic lights of the sublime realm of self-liberation.

The infinite 'generators' of the iridescent glow and nature spirit unfathomable.

The 'flying alchemists' of the crystal ray realm.

The 'authors' of the written, unwritten and yet to be written Fae legends and lore of galore.

The 'uncontested flumes' for sweet angelic essence.

The 'teachers' of wing resonance, music and harmonics of flight.

The 'doctors' and 'unwavering caretakers' of Unicorn medicine.

The 'den mothers' of triumphant mischief.

The rightful 'architects' of winged light sacred geometry.

The "creative dancers" of ionized spark lights.

You are healing, beautified luminosity; the authentic fireworks of nature; and the ascended breath of flight, and flight of breath.

Your are the sacred, unbroken marriage of magic and mysticism.

With kindness and gratitude we ask for your dancing light guidance to restore and replenish the sacred hues of love, inspiration, passion, playfulness and kindness."

Amor Vincit Omnia – Love Conquers All

- Kind Karma® Fairy Prayer of Gratitude Authored by Dean Telano

{This prayer is accompanied by our Kind Karma® Fairy Offering}

Kind Karma

Kind Karma

"Fae Spray" - Kind Karma® Aromatherapy

"Fae Spray will help to summon the Divine Magick of Earth; provide protection from negative influences; offer personal protection during journeying rituals; create a sacred space; open up vibrational doorways; enhance Shamanic healing rituals; and connect you with the rhythm of seasonal changes and the ebb and flow of the lunar cycles."

"Kind Karma® World Initiative: Earth Gifting"

Gifting love, compassion and gratitude for the Earth. Shamanic themed outdoor events, retreats and courses to deepen our connection with nature. The courses also promote a deeper awareness of environmental stewardship. We offer specific training programs to learn how to deepen our connection with our planet, environment and nature spirits. We also hold numerous "Giving Back to the Earth" events throughout the year.

  • Kind Karma® offers innovative ways to give back to Mother Earth and the sublime World of Nature Spirits:

  • Holding Earth related retreats that emphasize methods of mindful, daily actions we can reciprocate Loving Kindness to our planet. Our retreats includes lifestyle changes, outdoor gentle yoga, breathwork ("breathing in nature), Awaken with Meditation and Awaken Qigong.

  • Healing the earth and and environment through Kind Karma® Reiki and Shamanic healing methods, such as energy medicine, mystic sounds or drumming.

  • Being mindful of our own thoughts and feelings and how they can (and do) impact the earth.

  • Keeping our environment clean and safe: park or public cleanups.

  • Planting trees, flowers, herbs, plants, or creating gardens.

  • Working with nature related crystals, sacred geometry and layouts.

  • Leading or participating in our Kind Karma® nature loving or Shamanistic approaches such as working, connecting or paying homage to:

  1. Nature Spirits.

  2. Elementals.

  3. 11 Sacred Directions.

  4. Spirit, Totem or Power Animals.

  5. Mystic, Alchemy & Celestial Realms.

Create Kind Karma

"The Light of the Fae beautifies our inner world and helps us to perceive the unacquainted magic that surrounds us every moment of our life." - Dean Telano, Shaman of the Elements & Fae, Faery Lightworker; Faery Crystal Practitioner; Faery Reiki Master

Create Kind Karma

"The Earth is Our Tribe Mother. Rejoice in Her Loving Kindness!" - Dean Telano

Kind Karma

Kind Karma

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