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Kind Karma® Yoga


"Living Yoga from the Heart  With a Karmic Flair"

Kind Karma
  • Writer's pictureBy Dean Telano

Humpty Dumpty Had No ZEN. Kind Karma® Yoga & Meditation, TALK: Teach All Loving Kindness.

Kind Karma® Initiative called T.A.L.K. - Teach All Loving Kindness, is about empowering others to live a life of inspiring service by planting the seeds of kindness karma. TALK incorporates innovative holistic approaches to heal our body, clear our minds and soothe our spirits, allowing kindness to naturally and spontaneously arise.​ TALK also provides the necessary tools to navigate our everyday life to generate positive karma in alignment with our highest intention. Ultimately, TALK aims to build a world community of Kind Karma® Creators.

Create Kind Karma

"Our World Needs Kindness Karma."

"Kind Karma's worldwide initiatives are authentically infused with non-self-serving intentions. We are creating a global canvas and person-to-person landscape for holistic awakening; positive thinking; wisdom infusion; peace; compassion; and kindness."

Kind Karma® Initiative TALK Includes "Awaken with Meditation" Training, Courses & Classes

Dean Telano

"Awaken with Meditation is a journey of a lifetime,

where each inner journey begins with the first mindful breath."

- Dean Telano


Kind Karma

Humpty Dumpty Had No ZEN

“Mythos of H.D.”

- Authored by Dean Telano

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

{"not realizing He wore a fleeting shawl"}

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;

{"because He seemingly thought He had it all"}

All the king's horses and all the king's men

{"the past the future now can only be truly then"}

Couldn't put Humpty together again.

{"with a futile effort because Humpty Dumpty had no Zen"}

Kind Karma Yoga

Source: Humpty Dumpty: Mother Goose


Kind Karma Yoga

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Kind Karma Yoga

Kind Karma

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