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Kind Karma® Yoga


"Living Yoga from the Heart  With a Karmic Flair"

Kind Karma
  • By Dean Telano

Kind Karma Rahini Yoga. Awaken with Meditation & Four Levels of Straightness.

Rahini Yoga

Dean Telano

"Bhu Lotus Kaya Mudra"

(A Rahini Yoga Pose We Practice for Grounding,

Centering & Connecting with Mother Earth - Earthing)

In our stye of yoga - RAHINI YOGA®, we teach the "Four Levels of Straightness" to prepare for the "Rahini Five-Point" or "Rahini Seven-Point Meditation Postures". Often, we refer the Rahini Four Levels of Straightness as the: Rahini Four Levels of Authenticity.

The Rahini Four Levels of Straightness are related to four specific areas:

  • Body

  • Comfortable posture with a tall, elongated spine (not rigid).

  • Energy Channels

  • Nadis (energy channels or pathways).

  • Energy

  • Prana (energy; creative power; creative consciousness).

  • Mind

  • Relaxed, Clear State of Mind (settling the mind - "Just get to the root, don't worry about the branches" - Zen Saying).

In Rahini Yoga®, the "Four Levels of Straightness" are Described in the Following Way:

  1. When the Body (Spine) becomes straight, then the...

  2. Energy Channels (Nadis) become straight. When the channels become straight, then the...

  3. Wind Energy (Prana) becomes straight. When the wind element becomes straight the Bindu or "Life Essence" becomes purified, and then the...

  4. Mind (Relaxed & Clear) becomes straight and Primordial Wisdom shines forth, becoming the moment.

Rahini Yoga

Dean Telano, Founder of Rahini Yoga

in Rahini Four Levels of Straightness

with "Elegant Rainbow Hand Mudra"


Rahini Yoga

"Rahini Yoga® begins from the inside out. It helps grow the yoga that's already inside each of us."

- Dean Telano, Founder of Rahini Yoga®

© 2019. All Rights Reserved. Dean Telano.

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