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Kind Karma® Yoga


"Living Yoga from the Heart  With a Karmic Flair"

Kind Karma
  • Writer's pictureBy Dean Telano

Kind Karma® Kids Yoga - Tree Pose. Youth Empowerment of Wholeness: YEOW.

Kindness is Key

"Kind Karma® Kids Yoga World Initiative: Youth Empowerment Of Wholeness (YEOW). YEOW Promotes youth empowerment through kind karma® kid's yoga, awaken with meditation, mindfulness, awaken qigong, gong & sound therapy (GST), positive thinking and visualization, energy therapy, and interconnectivity with nature (shamanic themed events)."

Tree Pose

  • VRKSASANA (vrik-SHAH-suh-nuh).

  • “Vrksa” means “tree” and “Asana, means “pose”.

  • Names we use in Kind Karma® Kids Yoga Teacher Training Courses: Tree Pose; Tall Tree Pose; Swaying Tree; Breezy Tree; Flamingo; Cactus; Stork.

kind karma kids yoga


  • Stand up straight and tall in Mountain Pose. Engage your abdominals ("pull in your tummy"). Take a couple of deep breaths.

  • Look ahead and find a point (this can be an object, a wall, or window) to focus on.

  • As you breathe out, slowly bring up your left foot. Bend your knee, and place your left foot on the inside part of your right leg (Caution: When pressing your lifted foot into your standing leg, make sure it is above or below your knee, not on your knee).

  • Relax and straighten the left leg on the floor, shifting your weight into the foot. Ground it – imagine it being a tree root, weaving through the Earth and hold steady.

  • Inhale and bring your hands to your sides. Reach out like branches on a tree.

  • Exhale and bring the hands together in front of your heart. Then lift them strongly overhead - if comfortable and steady. Imagine you are a are a growing tree!

  • Hold the pose for several breaths, and gazing ahead (focus on one spot).

  • Imagine being a tree. What type of tree are you? Are you in a grove? In the middle of a meadow? A big tree in the jungle? In a park? An apple tree? Think about where trees live.

  • Repeat on your opposite side.

"Kind Karma® Kids Yoga Teacher Training Teaches Tree Rhyme Sing-Along, Sound Making and Shamanic Themes." - Dean Telano, Founder

Some Fun Variations of Tree Pose

kind karma kids yoga
  • Hold apples in your hands or on your head.

  • Make 'sounds' you think a tree would make, especially on a windy day.

  • 'Sway' your branches - arms; or, make arm or wrist circles.

  • Side bend toward your lifted leg, resting your arm on your thigh, palm up

  • Bring your foot up higher to your inner thigh.

  • Shift the gaze up between hands or close your eyes or move your eyes in fun patterns. Kind Karma Kids Yoga Tip: Discuss how the placement of the gaze impacts the experience they are having in their bodies.

  • Moving the limbs across the midline of the body using creative movement, expression and breathing patterns.

  • Flow (mindful movement) from tree pose to other yoga poses.

  • Teach Group Tree Poses (this improves social skills, peer interaction and communication, teamwork and relationship building).

  • Teach Partner Tree Pose (this improves social skills, peer interaction and communication, teamwork and relationship building).


rahini yoga
  • Vrksasana teaches the grace of a tree, standing tall and maintaining poise and balance.

  • Calms the mind and nervous system.

  • Improves focus and concentration skills.

  • Lengthens the spine and promotes health alignment.

  • Strengthens the legs, calves, ankles, and core muscles.

  • Stretches the legs, hips, groin, chest and arms.

  • Improves posture.

  • Increase self-awareness.

  • It's lots of fun!

Kind Karma® Kids Rahini Yoga® Tips

  • Teach kids about inner strength and resolve.

  • Focus and determination bring great rewards.

  • Teach kids about the centerline of the body.

  • Kind Karma Rahini Yoga®: "Root to Rise" and "Root to Radiate".

  • Caution: If any child feels unsteady in the beginning while trying to hold their yoga posture, just have them stand with their back against a wall.

"Having good core strength helps children with posture - standing or sitting - and, provides a solid foundation for gross and fine motor tasks." - Dean Telano

Kindness is Key


  • I am Kind ("Stretch and spread kindness all around").

  • I am Nature, Nature Am I.

  • I am calm.

  • I am poised.

Energetic: Associated Chakras

  • Third Eye Chakra (Ajna Chakra).

  • Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra).

  • Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura Chakra).

  • Sacral Chakra (Swadisthana Chakra).

  • Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra).

Associated Elements

  • Earth Element (Rooting; Earth interconnectivity).

  • Water Element (Drawing prana or energy from the roots).

  • Fire Element (Encourage "core power" by engaging the abdominals.

  • Air Element (Encourage deep breathing)

  • Light or Space Element ("Root to Radiate").

  • Kind Karma® Kids Yoga classes often adds crystals, aromatherapy or sound.

Ayurveda (Doshas)

  • For all body and mind types.

  • Excellent for Vata body-mind types.

Energy Flow: Meridians

  • Spleen and Stomach Meridians.

  • Gallbladder and Liver Meridians: if add side bends or twisting.

  • Small Intestine Meridian.

  • Lung Meridian: if the arms are moving up and down, or in different movement patterns.

kind karma


Kindness is Key
Kind Karma® World Initiative.

For More Information

Create Kind Karma® Website:

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Gong & Sound Training (GST)


Any physical activity has some risk of injury. Please be aware of your child’s limitations and encourage them not to force or strain their bodies, and supervise and help as necessary. While yoga poses are helpful, they are not a substitute for medical advice.

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