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Kind Karma® Yoga


"Living Yoga from the Heart  With a Karmic Flair"

Kind Karma
  • By Dean Telano

Kind Karma® Rahini Yoga®. Awaken with Meditation Posture.

The Rahini Five-Point Meditation Posture is one of the main sitting meditation postures in Rahini Yoga®, at the 200 Hour Teacher Training. At the advanced Rahini Yoga® Teacher Training Levels we learn how to use both the Rahini 5-Point and 7-Point Meditation Postures.

Dr. Dean Telano

Rahini Five-Point Meditation Posture

Rahini Five-Point Meditation Posture: Step-By-Step Instruction

Assume the “Five Points” -

  1. Sit cross-legged, right ankle over the left ankle or in Lotus Pose. Either way, arrange your legs in a comfortable position. If necessary, sit on a meditation cushion or folded blanket. Alignment Tip: When you first sit down you can find your center of balance by gently rocking side to side and forward and backward until you find a sense of the middle of your posture. From there, the rest of your posture will more easily fall into place.

  2. Place your hands in Equipoise Hand Mudra or Mudra of Equanimity - palms facing up; thumbs of each hand pressing the base of the ring finger of the same hand; left palm rests in right, four finger-widths below the navel (not resting on the feet); tuck the hands (outside of the pinky finger) tenderly against your lower belly.

  3. Lengthen and elongate your spine, not too upright, nor rigid. Try to center the balance of your posture into the lower abdomen. Alignment Tip: Stay straight and relaxed.

  4. Open and expand your chest, as you gently release your elbows slightly away from the body, like a Garuda’s (eagle’s) wings.

  5. Slightly tuck your chin so that the back of your neck is lengthened. Release and relax your shoulders away from the ears. Alignment Tip: Keep your face and neck relaxed.

Two Additional Points

  1. Drishti: The eyes should be soft looking into space, nothing in particular, in front of your nose (approximately 16 fingers width in front of the nose). Try to avoid moving the eyes or blinking too much.

  2. Mouth: The lips should be slightly apart, keeping your jaw, mouth, and tongue relaxed (if excessive salvia is produced, then place your tongue gently against the roof of the mouth, near the top teeth).

Additional Alignment Insights and How it Effects Our Wisdom Nature

With this Particular Meditation Posture, We follow the Insight and Wisdom of Tibetan Yoga from the Bon Tradition:

  • Sitting in the Cross-Legged Position

  • Symbolizes contemplation of Kunnang Khyabpa. Purifies ignorance, leading to the realization of the Wisdom of the Absolute Space.

  • Placing Both Hands Below the Navel with the Left One Positioned Above the Right

  • Symbolizes the Contemplation of Jedrak Ngome. Purifies desire and attachment, leading to the realization of the Discriminating Wisdom.

  • Keeping the Spine Straight

  • Symbolizes the Contemplation of Selwa Rangjung. Purifies hatred and aversion, leading to the realization of the Mirror-Like Wisdom.

  • Straightening the Posture and Shoulders, and Slightly Bringing the Chin In and Down

  • Symbolizes the Contemplation of Gelha Garchuk. Purifies pride, leading to the realization of the Wisdom of Equality.

  • Directing the Eyes Towards (not at) the Tip of the Nose and Keeping the Mouth Slightly Open (without the lips touching each other) and Breathing Naturally

  • Symbolizes the Contemplation of Gawa Dondrup. Purifies jealousy, leading to the realization of the Wisdom of All Accomplishing Actions.


  • Breathe through the nose.

Healing Effect

  • Overall Effect

  • The Rahini Five-Point Meditation Posture aligns the energy channels (nadis; tsa), in order to ensure that the winds of psychic energy (prana or lung), flow smoothly and harmoniously within the body, so that distracting thoughts tend not to rise (and when they do, they will dissipate quickly). Consequently, the mind may more easily be tamed and controlled.

  • Specific Effect (The Posture is Taught in Terms of “Five Points”)

  • Point #1: Cross-Legged Posture

  • "Effusive Energy" can be controlled: Keeps energy circulating back to the trunk of the body and secret chakra. This helps to promote the generation of subtle internal heat and control the energy in the lower chakras and energy channels.

  • Point #2: Equipoise Hand Mudra / Mudra of Equanimity

  • Resets, balances, and calms the mind.

  • Properly channels impulses and habitual tendencies.

  • Restores harmony and synchronizes our body, breath and mind.

  • Balances the brain to control emotional states, and helps "unlock" perpetual negative states such as: anger, aggression, fear, worry, agitation, impulsivity, reactivity and anxiety.

  • Generates internal, psychic heat for cleansing and healing.

  • Prevents spiritual energy loss or leakage.

  • Point #3: Spine is Lengthened and Elongated

  • "Diffusive Energy" can be controlled: Keeps the energy channels of the body properly aligned and opened, allowing for a smooth and natural positive energy flow.

  • Point #4: Chin is Slightly Tilted Downward and Back of the Neck Lengthened

  • "Ascending Energy" can be controlled: Quiets the thoughts and inner speech (inner dialogue), and promotes a smooth flow of energy to the upper chakras (energy centers). This neck position elicits the relaxation response.

  • Point #5: Chest is Opened (not “military posture”) and Shoulders and Arms in Correct Alignment

  • "Vital Life Energy" can be controlled: This aids in breathing, opens the heart center, and creates inner spaciuosness.

  • Additional Healing Effects

  • The 5 Elements in our physical and mental body are balanced.

  • The 5 Poisons (the five principal kleshas) are naturally appeased.

  • The 5 Wisdoms arise and reveal themselves without effort.


Hand Position in the Rahini Five-Point Meditation Posture

Rahini Yoga

"Equipoise Hand Mudra" or "Mudra of Equanimity"


Advanced Variation

Dr. Dean Telano

Rahini Five-Point Meditation Posture

In Lotus Pose

(Padmasana / Yungdrung)


"The Kind Karma Chakra Ladder Of Ascension"

Together, Let's Walk in the

Rainbow Light of Compassion,

Wisdom & Loving Kindness

Kind Karma

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