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"Living Yoga from the Heart  With a Karmic Flair"

Kind Karma
  • By Dean Telano

Kind Karma Rahini Yoga: Active Volcano Pose.

"Active Volcano Pose" is one of the main asanas in Rahini Yoga®. It's performed as a pose in and of itself and as part of the "Rahini Yoga Asana Flow". This balancing Rahini Yoga pose is designed to stimulate and circulate energy, shed excessive yang energy, and release toxic blocked energy in the body (hence the name, Active Volcano Pose).

Rahini Yoga Active Volcano Pose - Front View

(Wide Base - like a Volcano)

Rahini Yoga Active Volcano Pose -

(Body in Shape of the Letter "X")

Rahini Yoga Active Volcano Pose - Side View

Active Volcano Pose: Step-By-Step Instruction

  1. From Mountain Pose (Tadasana) move your legs slightly wider than hip distance apart, with your feet slightly turned outward. You are forming a wide base, similar to the base of a volcano. Alignment Tip #1: Don't turn your feet out too much. Alignment Tip #2: You can match your feet to the width of your shoulders.

  2. Exhale, and yield your energy to the earth. Inhale, then draw, or radiate, the energy back up through your feet and then simultaneously raise your heels off the floor and raise your arms gently upward. You should be standing on your toes and the balls of your feet. Be sure your bodyweight is rooted and evenly distributed along the base of the big and small toe (pada bandha - foot lock). Your legs should be steady, firm and strong. Alignment Tip: Although you are on your balls of your feet, maintain a physical awareness of connecting to the earth - in Rahini Yoga we call this, "EARTHING". Connecting and grounding with Mother Earth throughout this yoga pose will allow you to experience the planet’s support in a literal, physical way, not just in an energetic or emotional sense.

  3. Raise and hold your arms above your head approximately at a 60 degree angle with wrists and elbows straight, the palms facing forward, and fingers wide apart and fully extended. Your body shape should either mimic the shape of a "volcano" or the letter "X". In Rahini Yoga, this will depend on the Rahini Yoga Instructor's intention, level of Rahini Yoga training, and particular class theme. ​ Alignment Core Tip: Maintain a gentle BRACE during the pose (BRACE is a Rahini Yoga specific technique). Alignment Tip: Encourage the full extension of your body keeping you head, neck, shoulders and spine in correct, safe alignment (be sure not to harden or hyperextend your joints).

  4. As you hold this pose, your arms, torso and legs should dynamically stretch, open and expand. Your spine should be vibrant, with a very "ACTIVE" and "DYNAMIC" FLOW of ENERGY, as it energizes and invigorates your entire body. Alignment Tip #1: When your arms are stretched overhead, feel the inner edges of your shoulder blades release downward as your chest naturally opens (do not force the chest upward or unnaturally stick the chest out). This will help prevent "bunching up" (called, "no neck syndrome") of the muscles at the base of your neck. Alignment Tip #2: Feel the sides of your torso ("side body") elongate from the depth of your groins to the length of your armpits. Be aware of an even suspension of your ribs as your arms spray upward - like "LAVA" rising upward from the inside depths of your body.

  5. Maintaining this alignment, gaze softly - Drishti, at a fixed point in front of you, along the horizon. Try not to tighten your facial and neck muscles. Keep your sense organs open and receptive.

  6. Hold this pose for thirty seconds to one minute while breathing fully and deeply. To explore the depths of this pose, perform breath-of-fire as you hold the pose.

  7. To come out of this pose, lower your heels down to the floor and place your arms by your sides. Relax, and spend some time noticing how revitalized and refreshed your body, mind and spirit feels.

  8. Return back to Mountain Pose.

Additional Alignment Tips

  1. When you raise up onto your tiptoes, be aware not to automatically arch your lower back. Maintain BRACE to prevent this.

  2. Try this Pada Bandha Variation: Make sure your body weight is directly in the center of the ball of your feet when you come up on your tiptoes. This will prevent the weight shifting off to one side and keep your joints (including your knees) properly and safely aligned.

  3. Elbow Alignment: This exercise builds the psycho-electromagnetic field. If the elbows bend, the psycho-electromagnetic field will not be strengthened properly. However, safety first, bend the elbows if you are experiencing discomfort.

  4. Apply the "3 Roots of Rahini Yoga®" during the pose.

B.R.A.C.E. during Active Volcano Pose

  • Keep your tailbone lengthened, pointed directly toward the floor.

  • Engage your abdominals by pulling your belly button toward your spine. Keep your pelvic floor muscles energetically active.

  • Gently engage your glutes, thighs and calves.

  • Roll your shoulders back and down, engaging right between the shoulder blades.

  • Make sure your body forms a straight line from the top of the head to the heels of the feet​. Maintain points of opposition.

R.A.P. during the Pose (RAP is Technique Specific to Rahini Yoga)

  • Physical

  • Be mindful of the points of opposition, including “yield” and “radiate”: fingers and toes and top of head and tailbone.​

  • Maintain awareness on the Three Roots of Rahini Yoga, and Midline Body.

  • Energetic

  • Try to connect with the uplift, or upward surge of energy (like an active volcano), as your body stretches, lungs open, chest expands and mind clears.

Healing Effect

  • Magical Windhorse (Vayus/Pranas)

  • Major effect on all the Windhorses.

  • Physical Body

  • Develops balance and lightness.

  • Strengthens the core muscles - including the back, hips, and leg muscles.

  • Raising the heels off the floor, and naturally contracting your calf muscles, energetically nourishes the adrenal glands (a practice used in Radiant Health Qigong).

  • Replenishes and invigorates the body, and reduces fatigue.

  • Releases physical tension.

  • Increases body awareness.

  • Mental Body

  • Improves focus and concentration.

  • Promotes mindfulness.

  • Clears the mind.

  • Relieves stress.

  • Emotional Body

  • Helps to balance your emotions, and calm your emotions waves.

  • Teaches you how to control your emotions, and be less reactive.

  • Energy Body

  • The "X" shape of the body promotes energy flow within the main energy channels (nadis/meridians) of the body.

  • Stretching and opening the fingers stimulates the six meridians along the hands and arms as well as the energetic connections to the heart, lungs, and large and small intestines.

  • Standing on your tiptoes and then coming back down promotes energy flow along the main energy channels of the ankles and legs.

  • Stimulates reflexes along the toes and balls of the feet.

  • Stretching the arms upward helps to release stagnant energy from the shoulders and arms.

  • Builds, strengthens and protects your psycho-electromagnetic field (aka Aura).


  • Breathe fully and deeply (be mindful - sometimes we struggle with our breath when we are trying to maintain our balance).

  • Feel the breath moving in and out of the body.


  • Gaze softly - Drishti, at a fixed point in front of you, along the horizon. For some individuals it may feel natural to have the gaze either slightly upward or downward from the horizon.

Rahini Observations

  • Take it slowly. As with all balancing poses, it’s easier to enter the pose slowly and with awareness. If you come into the pose too quickly, you’re more likely to lose your balance - this will make it more difficult to re-gain your balance once it’s been lost.

  • Keep your spine long throughout the pose, extending through the crown of your head. Imagine that you’re trying to touch the ceiling with the top of your head.

  • Maintain a healthy thoracic curve, and be careful not to stand with a rib flare and an anterior (forward) pelvic tilt.

Contraindications & Cautions

  • Feet or ankle issues.

  • Use caution or modifications with back, neck or shoulders concerns.

  • Vertigo, dizziness or medical conditions that affect balance.

  • Uncontrolled blood pressure.

  • Use caution or avoid during during pregnancy.

  • Avoid if experiencing headaches.



Heels Slightly off the Mat

Arms Lowered & Elbows Bent

Advanced Variation

Eyes Closed

(Fun Challenge!)

Eyes Closed

(Exciting, New Experience!)


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