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Kind Karma® Yoga


"Living Yoga from the Heart  With a Karmic Flair"

Kind Karma
  • By Dean Telano

Kind Karma® Yoga. Essence of Rahini Yoga®.

Kind Karma

Essence of Rahini Yoga®

"I Realize, As A Rahini Yoga Teacher That I Am:

Dedicated and committed to the highest standards of spiritual and personal integrity and yogic self-development;

Responsible for upholding the tradition and philosophy of Rahini Yoga;

An upholder of Rahini Yoga, which means 'True Living' and entails bringing 'lightness', 'gentleness', and 'joy' to one's heart, mind and life."

"I Accept, As A Rahini Yoga Teacher That I Will Strive To:

Conduct myself with 'true intentions' and 'honest actions' in accordance with the Virtues of Yoga and the yogic way of life;

Help and serve others with compassion, kindness and tolerance - Seva; Live a daily spiritual and healthy way of life - Sadhana;

Lovingly share my Sadhana lifestyle with others - Satsang / Sangha."

"I Recognize, As A Rahini Yoga Teacher That:

Everything is a manifestation of a higher consciousness or intelligence, therefore is sacred, divine and holy;

My body and mind are vessels for this higher consciousness, therefore I must try to honor and revere these vessels; I will strive to honor and revere my actions, thoughts, and words so they are born from my highest spiritual consciousness... from my open, compassionate heart... and from the light of my divine wisdom."

Hari Om Tat Sat

- Authored by Dean Telano


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