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Kind Karma® Yoga


"Living Yoga from the Heart  With a Karmic Flair"

Kind Karma
  • By Dean Telano

Kind Karma® Yoga. Protection Mantra for Rahini Yoga®, Reiki Practitioners and Kind Karma Creators.

"Hung Vajra Peh" (Hoong Vahj-Rah Pay)

This is the mantra of Vajrapani, a being who purifies and protects the "Sincere Seeker." A Tibetan mantra meaning, “By the power of will, through the spoken word, I invoke the thunderbolt of my mind to purify negativity.”

This mantra is the union of three highest aspects of compassion, wisdom and power.

Rahini Yoga Note: The "Hung Vajra Peh" mantra and its variations are covered during the Rahini Yoga® and Meditation Training Programs.

“It is clearly impossible to cover the whole surface of the earth in leather to avoid stepping on thorns, but if you cover your own feet in leather (transform your own mind), the whole world is thorn free.” - Shantideva

Kind Karma

Benefits of "Hung Vajra Peh"

  • Helps to remove negative energy during a Reiki Session.

  • Clears and disperses negative energy in any space, room or aura. Especially useful in your healing or meditation space.

  • Offers a shield of protection as high vibration white light.

  • Reduces fear, self-doubt and disharmony.

  • Clears your mind of old thought patterns and negative emotional debris.

  • Helps to create harmony where there is conflict.

  • Helps if you are having trouble getting some clarity.

  • Raises your vibration and transforms negative to positive.

  • Removes karmic blockages.

  • Used for Kind Karma's Global Initiative - "Earth Gifting": Can be used for clearing the world of negative energy brought on by hatred, anger, violence, aggression and war.

  • Used for Kind Karma's Global Initiative - "Earth Gifting": Clear's the the Earth's layer of consciousness of negative energy.

Method of Recitation for "Hung Vajra Peh"

  1. Visualize “White Light” and “Declare with Conviction.”

  2. Can use this mantra for japa meditation, repeating in a chant or in your head 108 times with mala beads.

  3. Can be recited with mudras, such as Karana Mudra.

  4. To clear a space, walk around as you recite the mantra.

Mantra Tips

  • Be consistent with reciting the mantra. Being regular allows you to cultivate a "sonic presence" in your daily life. You will vibrate with a "sound" body and mind.

  • The ideal way to recite a mantra is to chant slowly, but it should be loud enough so that you yourself can hear it.

  • If needed, use it anytime, anywhere.

  • You can mentally recite the mantra.

  • Chant everyday for a period of forty days. This will help you break any negative habits, allow for transformation and cultivate inner grace.

“The very center of your heart is where life begins – the most beautiful place on earth.” – Rumi

Kind Karma

Kind Karma®

A Global Movement of Inspiring Others to Create & Manifest Kindness


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