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Kind Karma® Yoga


"Living Yoga from the Heart  With a Karmic Flair"

Kind Karma
  • By Dean Telano

Kind Karma®. Twelve Precepts of Rahini Yoga®

12 Precepts of Kind Karma Rahini Yoga (Originally Created May, 2001).

The 12 Precepts are for the Rahini Yoga Teacher and are discussed in great detail during the Rahini Yoga® Teacher Training Programs.

  • Precept #1: "Create a safe yoga environment."

Dean Telano
  • Precept #2: "Rahini Yoga Begins from the inside out - it helps grow the yoga that's already inside each of us."

  • Precept #3: "Teach to inspire. Rahini Yoga is Inspired Yoga, inspiring positive change."

  • Precept #4: "Teach students, not yoga poses. Teach what's in front of you."

  • Precept #5: "Teaching yoga is about modifying the yoga poses to fit the body, not forcing the body to fit the yoga poses."

  • Precept #6: "The quality of the yoga pose includes 'flexibility' of the the breath, mind, and attitude, not just the body."

  • Precept #7: "Teaching a yoga pose, or yoga, is less about perfection and more about connection."

  • Precept #8: "Good teaching instruction aligns the yoga pose with what the student is feeling and experiencing, not just how they are looking."

  • Precept #9: "Teach students to be mindful of each aspect of a yoga poses - flexibility, strength, balance, breath and energy awareness, stability and firmness with ease and relaxation, and ultimately how they feel."

  • Precept #10: "The best teachers are the best listeners and observers, with the student's best interest in mind."

  • Precept #11: "Instruct with knowledge, but teach with compassion, loving kindness, understanding, patience, and wisdom."

  • Precept #12: "Laugh, smile, and try to take yourself lightly... your practice consistently... and Rahini Yoga seriously."


kind karma

"Kind Karma® Empowering the World to Create Kindness Karma"

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