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"Yes, it's possible to burn off negative karma and then replace it with positive opportunities of personal empowerment and healing.  The Rahini Yoga® Kriyas are designed to do such a thing, and we call it a, Karma with a Flare, or Karmic Flare."  – Dean Telano

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A Rahini Yoga Healing Kriya: "Spirals of Divine Light Meditation"
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Rahini Yoga Healing Kriyas Are Sequenced Energy Movements Combined With:
  • Heart-Light Practices & Breathing Exercises.

  • Energy Cultivating Movements.

  • Meditation & Visualization.

  • Sacred Body Geometry & Sound Essences.

During specific Kriyas, shamanic practices, somatic awareness and visualization are emphasized.  Movements are practiced either standing, seated or lying down; or a combination thereof.

Meaning of "Rahini"

The word Rahini translates as, "true living" or "authenticity" and it's said to embody Saraswati and all her Divine attributes.  To read more about Rahini and Saraswati, click on About Kind Karma Yoga.

Meaning of "Healing Kriya"

Kind Karma® Yoga views a Kriya as self-healing yoga in action with the spiritual practice of humility.  Our view of Kriya is said to embody Kali, and her attributes such as:

  • Power of Action, Breath (Vital Life Force) and Transformation.

  • Shakti Kriya.

  • Divine Love.

  • Healing and Personal Growth.

Rahini Yoga® Kriyas Awaken Our Spiritual Energy

“True Living Yoga with the Spiritual Practice of Humility.  It's where inner stillness, silence and spacious magically meet.

A Sound Essence of 
Rahini Yoga Kriyas

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"Sound Essences are Divine Sparks found within us.  This Cosmic spark-ignition awaits our internal combustion of authentic intention and rightful action to result in a reciprocal Source Flame of Love, Light and Healing."
– Dr. Dean Telano

RaMa is one of the vital Sound Essences that is recited or resonated during various Rahini Yoga Healing Kriyas.

The correct technique and most effective methods of using RaMa are offered during the workshops and training courses.

Did you know love is also a sound essence? Can you hear it? Feel it? Can you play it? Dance to it? Or, Sing It?

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