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"Rahini Yoga® Kriyas utilize physical and energetic actions, breathing exercises, sound essences, mudras, and sacred geometry to achieve specific healing outcomes. The heart-centered sequences aim to open the heart chakra for emotional balance, mental harmony, and high vibration by clearing, aligning, and strengthening the subtle energy body." – Dean Telano

Meaning of the Term Kriya

Kriyā (kriya) is a Sanskrit word that means complete action, deed or effort.  The word kriyā is derived from the Sanskrit root kri, meaning 'to do' or 'create'.  Rahini Yoga® uses the term "energy of action" to refer to kriyas. Every kriya consists of a series of yogic postures or movements, which create a more profound effect when practiced together than when done individually.  The instructions for any given kriya will include the sequence of movements, specific body positions and angles, time in each exercise, eye and mental focus, breathing exercises, and sound essences. 

Rahini Yoga® Kriyas are unique to Kind Karma® Yoga.  They are intended to heal, increase personal empowerment and raise spiritual vibration.  Kind Karma® Yoga envisions that the universal practice of Rahini Yoga® Kriyas will foster a community of kindred spirits worldwide. This community will work together to facilitate humanity's awakening, spiritual ascension, and higher vibration.

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An Overview of Rahini Yoga® Kriyas

Rahini Yoga® Kriyas are categorized into distinct healing sets, each serving a particular purpose. Here are a few examples:

  • Physical Approach: This set consists of a sequence of yoga postures and movements paired with impactful breathing exercises.

  • Energy-Based Approach: This set integrates specific movements, mudras, and visualization techniques to address different areas of the subtle energy body.

  • Sound-Based Approach: This set combines sound elements with postures or movements to raise our vibration and positively impact our consciousness.

  • Meditation Approach: This form of meditation involves dynamic techniques that encourage reflection, enhance focus, and support longer meditation sessions. By incorporating these potent methods, you can enrich your meditation practice.

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Dean Telano is shown leading a sound-based Rahini Yoga Kriya, which involves projecting sound essences for healing others and oneself.

Rahini Yoga® Kriya: A Vital Component of the Kind Karma® Yoga Teacher's Sadhana

Sādhana, a Sanskrit term for "realization" or "effective attainment," comes from the root word sadhu, which means "go straight to a goal."  Essentially, it is a practice that involves the consistent application of mind, body, energy, and spirit towards a spiritual objective.  Through sādhana, one can relinquish the ego, alleviate suffering, and ultimately find inner peace, happiness, and joy.  For those who practice Kind Karma Yoga, incorporating Rahini Yoga® Kriya is an essential part of their daily routine.  Whether it be for a 40-day, 90-day, 120-day, or even 1000-day period, the kriya serves as the foundation for one's daily sādhana practice.  The goal is to enhance one's consciousness and spiritual vibration by focusing on the specific aspect addressed by the kriya.

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Meditation-Based Rahini Yoga® Kriya: "Spirals of White Light Meditation"

Learn the complete set of instructions for the Spirals of White Light Meditation Kriya in our Kind Karma® Yoga Teacher Training Courses, in addition to our Awakening Meditation classes.

Rahini Yoga® Kriyas Utilize Sound Essences to Ehance the Healing Benefits  
Divine Sparks of Sound Essences
"In the realm of Rahini Yoga® Kriyas, 'Sound Essences' can be compared to 'Cosmic Sparks' residing within us. These Sparks anticipate our genuine intentions and proper actions to trigger a mutual Source Flame of Love, Light, and Healing." Dean Telano
"RaMa": A Potent Healing Sound Essence

During different Rahini Yoga® Kriyas, RaMa is one of the crucial Sound Essences that is utiilized as part of Kind Karma® Yoga.  RaMa is recited aloud, whispered or mentally intoned during the kriya.  Kind Karma® Yoga Teacher Training courses and Awakening Meditation classes both offer instruction on the proper techniques and most effective methods for utilizing RaMa.

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Did you know LOVE is a Sound Essence?
Can you hear it?
Feel it?
Play it?
Dance to it?
Or, Sing it?

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