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Welcome to Kind Karma® Yoga – Yoga of Spiritual Alignment.

Are you drawn to teaching or practicing spiritually-centered yoga? Alternatively, are you interested in exploring a holistic yoga approach that provides a complete practice beyond just physical poses?

If your answer is yes, then Kind Karma® Yoga is your destined path.

What Kind Karma® Yoga is About

𑁍 A holistic style of yoga that not only concerns itself with the physical and philosophical aspects of the practice, but also teaches how to use these aspects to delve deeper into your spiritual self.

𑁍 A style of yoga that incorporates heart-based practices that are designed to open up the heart chakra, promoting emotional balance, mental harmony and high vibration. Heart-based practices that are intended to cultivate a state of mind and a way of being that is aligned with the energy of our heart.

𑁍 An inclusive yoga practice that incorporates Rahini Yoga® Healing Kriyas, in addition to traditional yoga techniques, to clear, align, and strengthen the subtle energy body, especially for humanity’s awakening and higher vibration. 

𑁍 A practice that recognizes sound therapy and Sound Current are integral parts for a holistic approach to yoga, because both of these are powerful tools for promoting wellness and enhancing the benefits of a yoga practice.

If your goal is to teach yoga, you can rest assured that Kind Karma® Yoga will professionally prepare you as our yoga school has been registered with Yoga Alliance since 2001, has four registered yoga schools, and has taught students from all over the world. Furthermore, our yoga training curriculum has been time-tested, as we have certified students in yoga and meditation for over 22 years! If your desire is not to teach, but to deepen your own personal yoga practice then this training would greatly interest you because, unlike many other current yoga programs, Kind Karma® Yoga has bona fide ties with authentic lineages going back hundreds of years, supporting the effectiveness of many of its methods. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you, and spending some time sharing and practicing Kind Karma® Yoga!

Always in Shanti,

❤️Kind Karma® Yoga Team

Our Mission

Our aim is to provide an inclusive and diverse experience that will guide you through the transformative and awe-inspiring aspects of Kind Karma® Yoga.  Kind Karma® Yoga aims to deepen one's understanding of yoga as a science, a holistic lifestyle, and a pathway for spiritual enhancement.  It caters to those who wish to pursue a career in teaching yoga, as well as those who exclusively wish to enrich their personal yoga practice.  We offer traing programs, courses and classes for both children and adults, including Awakening Meditation and Vibrational Academy of Sound Therapy (VAST).  Furthermore, many of our programs are supported by books, videos, and other educational resources that are created and wriiten specifically for all our programs. 

Our objective is to nurture our body, mind, soul and spirit, allowing the Divine Yoga within each of us to flow freely from our hearts.  By acting with genuine intentions, positive outcomes, and high vibrations from the Source, we strive to achieve this goal.

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Our Yoga School Philosophy

At the Kind Karma® Yoga Institute, we strongly believe that the practice of teaching yoga can lead to a transformative, inspiring, and fulfilling experience. We also advocate for yoga instruction to take place in a professional and supportive setting, providing students with the essential skills, confidence, and motivation to uphold and spread yoga – as per our Hatha and Raja Yoga lineage motto.

Our yoga programs strive to offer students the following benefits:

  • ​​Equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to teach yoga effectively and safely.

  • Cultivating compassion and loving kindness essential for teaching yoga.

  • Establishing a strong foundation for a sustainable and enjoyable yoga practice.

  • Providing a solid mental groundwork for meditation and mindfulness.

  • Preparing them spiritually to incorporate yoga into their lives beyond the mat.

Kind Karma® Yoga Incorporates
Rahini Yoga® Kriyas

The Three Spiritual Origins of the Term Rahini

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Spiritual Origin 1

  • The word "Rahini" comes from the Indian word which means, "Saraswati” – referring to the Deity, Saraswati. 

  • Saraswati is a Hindu deity that symbolizes knowledge, learning, speech, music and the creative arts. Saraswati embodies compassion, truth, wisdom and a higher spiritual consciousness. She is the “Mother of the Vedas”; she is the river of consciousness that enlivens creation; she is the dawn-goddess whose rays dispel the darkness of ignorance and delusion. Without her there is only chaos and confusion. To realize her one must go beyond the pleasures of the senses and rejoice in the serenity of the spirit.

  • “Ambi tame devi tame nadi tame Saraswati”: “You are the Mother. You are the Goddess. You are the river Saraswati” – From the “Rig Veda”.

Kind Karma Yoga with Rahini Yoga Kriyas

Spiritual Origin 2

  • The word "Rahini" is also a Sanskrit word that means “true living” or “rightful living.”

  • The word “Rahini” is cited and defined in the “Gorakhbodh,” a Hatha yogic text of the Nathas.

  • The Nathas is written in the form of a dialogue between Gorakhnath, known as the “founder” of Hatha Yoga, and his Guru, Matsyendranath:

*Gorakhnath: “How can one carry out true living (rahini) and how can one carry on meditation? Where is the elixir? How can one drink it? How can one keep the body forever?”

*Matsyendranath: “By turning to the higher (Urdha) or the mind, you can attain right living; by turning to Shakti you can achieve right meditation; by turning to the heaven within (gagan) you can have the elixir of immortality (Amirasa) and by turning to conscious activity (chit) you can drink it. By relinquishing desire, one can gain the immortal body (bidehi rahai).” [106]

Spiritual Origin 3

Dean Telano, Founder & Spiritual Director, Teaches:

  1. “Rahini means ‘true living’ and it entails bringing lightness or joy into one’s life, mind and heart.”

  2. “The nectar of yoga is ultimately tasted by carrying out true and rightful living, Rahini. It is only by turning to the higher mind – ‘mind of clear light,’ that Rahini can be attained."

  3. “To tap into the mind of clear light is to tap into the blissful seed of the heart. Opening and freeing this heart-seed will allow the bliss of ‘clear light’ to emerge and shine forth."

The Primary Hatha and Raja Yoga Lineages within Kind Karma® Yoga

Kind Karma Yoga

Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati is considered one of the greatest Yoga masters of the 20th century, and is the inspiration behind the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers. His teachings are summarized in the words:"Serve, Love, Give, Purify, Meditate, Realize." 

Kind Karma Yoga

One of Dean Telano's main Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga teachers was Dr. Shri Vedula Satyananda Rao. Dr. Rao was a direct disciple of the divine guru Ramlal Prabhuji, one of the greatest yogis who has ever lived in India. Additionally, Dr. Rao was a disciple of Swami Sivananda Saraswati. He was authorized by both these masters to transmit their lineages.  

Kind Karma Yoga

Shri Ramlal Prabhuji is one of the most spiritually evolved yogis or saints to ever grace the Earth. Through his lineage of Dr. Rao and Dr. Dean Telano, practitioners of Kind Karma® Yoga are blessed with his love, grace, kindness and healing.

Kind Karma

Dean Telano (Sukh Shabad)

Founder of Kind Karma® & Rahini Yoga®.

With the Blessings of Dr. Shri Vedula Satyananda Rao to Propagate & Share Yoga.

Kind Karma

Heidi (Ananda), Disciple of Dean Telano

Kind Karma® Yoga Master Teacher, 2,000 Hours KKYMT

With the Blessings of Dean Telano to Propagate & Share Yoga. 

Additional Lineages Associated with Kind Karma® Yoga & Dean Telano

Tibetan Yoga & Bön Buddhism 

Bön, one of the world's oldest spiritual traditions, is an indigenous spiritual practice that dates back thousands of years.  It originated in Central Asia and eventually found its way to Tibet, where it has taken root.  According to Bön tradition, the earliest teachings come from Tonpa Shenrap, a fully enlightened Buddha, who lived over 17,000 years ago.  While Tibetan Bön Buddhism shares many similarities with traditional Tibetan Buddhism, it maintains its own unique roots and traditions. The Bön tradition places emphasis on the importance of cultivating compassion, wisdom, and a deep understanding of the nature of reality through practices such as meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices.

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Dr. Dean Telano receiving blessings from Geshe Murig Nyima Kunchap Rinpoche,
a senior Bön master. 

For over two decades, Dr. Dean Telano has been devoted to the study and practice of Tibetan Yoga, meditation, and shamanistic rituals.  He has trained with numerous high lamas, and is certified and qualified to teach Tibetan Bon Yoga/Tsa Lung Trul Khor and meditation.  Presently, Dean Telano remains an active member of the Bön Buddhist Sangha, and continues to expand his knowledge of yoga and meditation through the guidance of Tibetan Bön Buddhist Lamas.

Awakening Qigong

Kind Karma® Yoga is a distinctive practice that merges Awakening Qigong techniques for optimal benefits.

What sets Kind Karma® Yoga apart is that it unites Awakening Qigong techniques, which have a positive impact on our lives as yoga students and teachers.  This practice is designed to awaken our inner healing, restore emotional balance, enhance our personal vibration and radiance, and promote calmness of the mind. Awakening Qigong incorporates Medical Qigong, embodient movement, shamanistic breathwork and healing, as well as healing sounds, to create a holistic and transformative experience. 

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KK Yoga - Website 18 (750 × 500 px).png
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Dr. Dean Telano is leading an Awakening Qigong practice to help prepare for a labyrinth meditation. This Qigong practice included embodiment movements, Kind Karma Yoga stretches, breathingwork, and sound healing – all designed to inspire a transformative experience.

For more than three decades, Dr. Dean Telano has dedicated himself to the study and application of Qigong. He has trained with a variety of Qigong masters and grandmasters, and is a certified Medical Qigong Therapist and qualified to instruct both Health Qigong and Medical Qigong.  Dean has been initiated into the Dragon Gate Taoist Lineage through Sifu Sat Chuen Hon.  Master Hon is a 21st-generation lineage holder of the Dragon Gate sect of the Complete Reality School.  Dragon Gate is a 12th century Taoist lineage that emphasizes internal energy circulation through various practices, including gentle movement, breathing exercises, sound, hand mudras, visualization, and sacred calligraphy.

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