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"Awakening Meditation is a journey of a lifetime, and each inner journey begins with the first mindful breath."– Dean Telano


Welcome to Kind Karma® Yoga – "Yoga of Spiritual Alignment"

Kind Karma® Yoga is a heart centered, midline integrated and high vibrational yoga.  This style of yoga incorporates heart-based practices, powerful core techniques and high vibrational Rahini Yoga® Kriyas that promote healing and personal empowerment.

We have been professionally offering yoga and meditation training certification programs since 2001.  We believe learning to teach yoga can be educational, inspirational and joyful.​  It's our belief yoga should be taught in an encouraging environment that fosters confidence and the necessary skills to teach and share yoga. 

Graduates from Kind Karma Yoga, are currently teaching all over the world, including such places as Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa, Japan, Canada, California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, Mississippi, North Carolina, Norway, South Carolina, Ohio, New York and Long Island.

We are looking forward in meeting you, and spending some time sharing the love of yoga!

In Kindness, Peace & Compassion,

𑁍 Dean (Sukh Shabad), PhD, E-RYT 500, RCYT, RPYT, CMT, KKRGM-24, Founder & Spiritual Advisor

𑁍 Heidi (Ananda), KKRYT-2,000, E-RYT 500, KKRGM-20, Director of Asana Training

𑁍 Naomi (Lakshmi), LCSW, KKRGM-20, Director of Administrations & Outreach

𑁍 Lauren (Chandra), KKRYT-1,400, RYT 500, KKRGM-20, Assistant Director of Outreach

Our Yoga Alliance Registered Schools

Kind Karma Yoga Teacher Training
300 Hour Kind Karma Yoga Teacher Training
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Kind Karma Kids Yoga Training
Kind Karma Yoga Prenatal Training

Awakening Meditation Course 2
"Meditate & Manifest with Crystals"

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Course Intention

This course combines meditation, breathing exercises and gentle Awaken Qigong movements.  The healing applications of sound therapy is used as a backdrop, solely intended to deepen the meditation experience.


This meditation course is intended to open your heart center, allowing the energetic flow of joy to circulate throughout your physical and energetic body.  You will learn practical methods to open the heart for this to occur as you learn how to practice Awaken with Meditation. 

Course Overview
  • Prerequisite: Awaken with Meditation Course 1. 

  • Upon payment, crystals needed for the course will be emailed.  Crystals will be available for purchase at the center.

  • The length of the course is 2.5 hours.

  • As a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provide (YACEP), this course credits 2.5 Yoga Alliance CE Hours.

  • Chairs and meditation props will be available for comfort, however we do recommend you bring your personal meditation cushion, if you have one.

Course Description

Course Includes

  • Kind Karma Circle of Light & Compassion.

  • Awaken Qigong warm ups, and heart centered breathing with stretches.

  • Crystals for meditation discussion.​

  • Posture. Breath focus meditation. Anchor.

  • Walking meditation with crystals.

  • Seated meditation practice with crystals. 

Schedule. Cost. Registration

"With meditation, you will benefit most by not attaching onto the results of your practice.  Just meditate, then let it go.  After a particular session, if you feel the need to reflect upon or process what happened during your meditation, then make a contract with yourself - a gentle agreement, that upon completion of your reflection you will let go of whatever you reflected on.  Stick to it!  Personal contracts only have meaning when you uphold the integrity of that contract.  Just remember that meditation is the art of letting go, not the art of holding on.  With meditation, if you feel a need to hold on to something, then hold onto a consistent practice" 
 Dean Telano

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