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"Awakening Meditation is a journey of a lifetime, and each inner journey begins with the first mindful breath."
– Dean Telano

Welcome to Awakening Meditation 🙏 

This meditation teacher certification program training will:

  • Assist in developing your personal meditation practice.

  • Equip you for teaching meditation.

  • Enhance your comprehension and familiarity with different meditation and breathing techniques.

An additional aim of this meditation program is to unlock your heart center, enabling the joyful energy to flow through your physical and energetic being. You will gain insights into methods to unlock the heart and practice Awakening Meditation effectively.

Awakening Meditation Training
Course 1

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Course 1 Overview
  • Blends meditation, breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises and Awakening Qigong. Sound therapy is integrated to enhance the meditation practice.

  • The length of the course is three and a half hours and is designed whether you are a beginner and would like to learn how to meditate, considering meditation as a career path, or simply wish to deepen your practice and enhance your knowledge.

  • As a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provide (YACEP), this course credits 3 Yoga Alliance CE Hours.

  • Chairs and meditation props will be available for comfort, however we do recommend you bring your personal meditation cushion, if you have one.

  • No experience is necessary.

Course Description


  • Kind Karma Circle of Light & Compassion.

  • Awaken Qigong for rebooting the nervous system and calming the mind. 

  • Healing Sounds.​​

  • Meditation discussion. Myths of meditation. Posture. Breath focus meditation. Anchor.

  • Seated meditation practice. Introduction to walking meditation practice. 

Upcoming Training Schedule, Cost & Registration

Schedule & Dates

"With meditation, you will benefit most by not attaching onto the results of your practice.  Just meditate, then let it go.  After a particular session, if you feel the need to reflect upon or process what happened during your meditation, then make a contract with yourself - a gentle agreement, that upon completion of your reflection you will let go of whatever you reflected on.  Stick to it!  Personal contracts only have meaning when you uphold the integrity of that contract.  Just remember that meditation is the art of letting go, not the art of holding on.  With meditation, if you feel a need to hold on to something, then hold onto a consistent practice"  – Dean Telano

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